Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Diving head first

My roommate just threw down about $150 for bike shorts, a helmet and bike shoes. He's starting to get into mountain biking again.

My other friend - who has a blog here is planning on immersing herself in a creative writing program. This will require putting together a 50-plus page portfolio and getting three quality letters of recommendation in two weeks.

Me - I'm stuck.

I'm working 50 hour weeks, but everywhere I turn around, I see another reason why I want to get back into the journalism world on a full-time basis. The camaraderie in the newsroom, the rush you get when you have a tight deadline and you meet it - the feeling of pride you get when someone you don't know emails you a compliment on a story.

I can't fully immerse myself in technical writing. There are some people who can. I can't. I can partially do it because new technology (Dreamweaver, RoboHelp, FrameMaker) excites me to no end. But in essence, technical writing is a lonely field. You usually are the only technical writer. And everyone else in your company is too busy to give you adequate feedback.

I guess I'm one of those folks who needs to fully immerse themselves in a job or occupation or career to feel fulfilled, alive, etc. But I'm making a decent wage, and I haven't totally given up on the freelance gig - a way to indulge this passion and still be able to afford stuff like a house payment. The phrase "you are not what you do" is true. I just wish I could believe it.

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