Thursday, March 03, 2005

Riley the Dog (just like the Mark Sandman song) Posted by Hello

We have an announcement...

Totally selfish blog here - was going to talk about the joy I felt when I heard that the ratings are tanking for most media outlets covering the Michael Jackson trial. But what can you really say? He hasn't been relevant for almost two decades. It's pathetic that most media outlets are putting more resources covering this trial than in covering the war in Iraq. But other than that...

So - Tuesday - at the office. A bit hung over from catching Modest Mouse play in Omaha, the owner of the company says that we have been purchased by another company. Throughout the rest of the day, all you could hear was sterile clacking of keyboards. Virtually everyone at the company is even afraid to breathe.

The initial reactions...

Panic: "Oh shit, I'm gone." They're going to clean house. Start anew. Fire some people for the sake of firing them.
Uneasy cockiness, mixed with quasi-logic: All right - most office restructure involves higher-level. The new investors are from India and they still need technical writers - writers who understand how to write so people with less than a high school education can understand.
General numbness: Oh...kaaay. If they fire me, they fire me. We needed restructuring. Change is never easy. Evolve, learn a new skill, or die. But right now... just make it to 5 so I can go home and have one vodka tonic, decompress and face tomorrow.

Listening selections:
The Arcade Fire - Funeral
Green Day - American Idiot
Bjork - Medulla (still don't like it - but giving it another chance)

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