Saturday, October 22, 2005

Stuff to feed me (aka technology doesn't suck)

It's been awhile since I've written anything. I took a trip to Tucson to hang out for a few days and I saw one of the best concerts in ages at the Sokol Underground (Sleater - Kinney). Not to be too new-agey, but I truly believe we are stimuli-seeking machines. As a journalist, I've been blocked for some time. However, that changed after I picked up a few immigration-related stories for freelance. Nothing like a deadline to kill writer's block - like it or not, something has to be in your editor's hands in seven days. Even if you don't have an idea, just write and keep on writing until something sticks.

Different topic - technology
When front shocks came out on mountain bikes, I scoffed. I couldn't believe how many folks were buying these shocks in Lincoln, Nebraska. To me, shocks were for people who had to bike through wilderness regions and mountains to get to work or for leisure. Not for a city commute. However, when the time came to buy a bike, the price of shocks went down. Virtually all mountain bikes had them. So what the hell -

I can't imagine riding without them now. My back feels better. It allows me to ride longer and when you ride down a flight of stairs, your bike is so much more forgiving.

When cell phones came out, I was enraged at how many kids were brining them to school. Kids DON'T need cell phones while they're in school. Any information parents need to relay to them, if it's that important, can be relayed to the school desk. I also got sick of people using cell phones everywhere - their cars, in coffee houses, in bars. That's what answering machines are for.

Still... I purchased one because I needed it while I was in Tucson for an internship. All of a sudden, those annoying phone calls during the X-Files disappeared when I disconnected my phone at home. Suddenly, I could regulate when people could get ahold of me. No longer did I have to worry about some drunk a-hole waking me up at 2 in the morning. In short, cell phones are a glorious invention to those who hate to be bothered.

Which brings us to... wireless Internet. I was reluctant. I was already turning into a reclusive geek/borderline nerd. I needed some sort of anchor that told me when I could access the Internet and when I needed to shut up, get out and read a godd*mn book. But while I was in Tucson, I needed to get something to a possible job lead STAT. My hotel didn't have Internet. The libraries were closed. Yea, yeah, I could have paid $3.50 to use a free computer somewhere, but I used the opportunity to justify purchasing a wireless card. (the $50 rebate didn't suck either) - Now, I'm at the Blue Line coffee, writing and doing research. Suddenly, a few more beams of inspiration are hitting me. Access to the Internet, people watching - this sh** rocks. So comes another addiction.

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